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This information will help guide the Ceph community’s investment in the future development of Ceph and the Ceph community.


The discussions don’t stop with a strong Community, a team of Daring Leaders, and our Supporters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is This Important?

To better understand, as a community, how users utilize Ceph, we conduct a survey. This information guides the community on how we spend our contribution efforts for future development in upcoming release discussions and throughout our day-to-day decisions. The survey results will remain anonymous and aggregated in a publication to the community.

What Happens With the Data?

The data is collected initially by the Ceph Foundation and kept anonymous. The Foundation works with the Ceph User Survey Working Group to produce a publication of the results. The publication of the results can assist stakeholders in future decisions for Ceph. We believe in working with a diverse community to produce the results themselves while still keeping your data private. This can only create some amazing results to be shared.

How Long Does the Survey Take?

It varies depending on the number of Ceph deployments you are reporting and the number of components of Ceph you have enabled (e.g., RGW, RBD, CephFS).

During the Platforms and Interface Questions page of the survey, you will be asked three essential questions:

  1. Do you provide RADOS Block Device (RBD) services with your Ceph clusters?
  2. Do you provide Ceph Object Gateway (RGW, Rados Gateway) services with your Ceph clusters?
  3. Do you provide Ceph File system (Ceph FS) services with your Ceph clusters?

The answer to these questions will determine if you see RBD, RGW, or Ceph FS interface questions.

For example, if you’re deploying Ceph with the Rados Gateway and the Ceph File system, you will only be presented general questions and Rados Gateway and Ceph Filesystem questions.

How do I report multiple deployments, for example, in different countries?

We recommend the survey be filled out for each deployment you have, regardless of state. The answers are meant to facilitate this requirement the best we can.

Whom do I report an issue on the Survey?

The Ceph User Survey Working Group is an active set of volunteers who discuss making this survey worth the community’s time.

Please reach out to us on the Ceph Developer Mailing List with the subject tag as an example: user-survey-wg: Brainstorming Some Ideas for 2022 User Survey!

This will get our attention to include you in future discussions and development.

If you need to communicate with the Foundation or need something relayed to the community’s right people, please let us help at Foundation@ceph.io. General questions and feedback given to the Foundation will be shared with The Ceph User Survey Working Group when appropriate to continue working with the community on this initiative.

How will the Ceph User Survey continue to evolve?

The Ceph Community loves data. We talk about it in our own work! We also keep talking about Telemetry and the results it brings to the community. This is our first attempt at integrating the Ceph Telemetry into the survey to give us a little extra information. We understand some questions in the filled out survey might overlap with what’s collected in Ceph Telemetry. Things will improve with time as the Ceph User Survey Working Group continues these discussions.

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