These resources can help you learn about Ceph, experiment, contribute, or kick off your new storage project.

Mailing lists & IRC

The dev list is for developers, while ceph-users is for end-users and operators.

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Real-time discussion happens on IRC:
#ceph on | archives
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Ceph’s code is managed in Github.

Main project code (ceph): browse | checkout
Linux kernel client (ceph-client): browse | checkout

Information on issue tracking, project statistics, and build status can be found on the CODE page.


Through the efforts of a number of dedicated community members, Ceph performance has grown by leaps and bounds over the years, and continues to do so with the help of people like you. To aid in that effort we have tried to aggregate performance efforts and resources in a single location to help new and experienced user alike.

Ceph Performance


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Documentation is available online, and managed at Github.

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Use Cases

Check out use cases and reference architectures to help you get started with Ceph.

Use Cases

Ceph Tech Talks

A monthly presentation online to help raise the level of technical awareness around Ceph.

Ceph Tech Talks

Getting Help

The Ceph community is available to answer questions and provide guidance, and professional support options are also available.

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The following publications are directly related to the current design of Ceph:

Ceph: Reliable, Scalable, and High-Performance Distributed Storage
Sage A. Weil.
Ph.D. thesis, University of California, Santa Cruz
December, 2007

RADOS: A Fast, Scalable, and Reliable Storage Service for Petabyte-scale Storage Clusters ( slides )
Sage A. Weil, Andrew W. Leung, Scott A. Brandt, Carlos Maltzahn.
Petascale Data Storage Workshop SC07
November, 2007

Ceph: A Scalable, High-Performance Distributed File System
Sage Weil, Scott A. Brandt, Ethan L. Miller, Darrell D. E. Long, Carlos Maltzahn
Proceedings of the 7th Conference on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI ’06)
November 2006

CRUSH: Controlled, Scalable, Decentralized Placement of Replicated Data
Sage Weil, Scott A. Brandt, Ethan L. Miller, Carlos Maltzahn
Proceedings of SC ’06
November 2006

Dynamic Metadata Management for Petabyte-Scale File Systems
Sage Weil, Kristal Pollack, Scott A. Brandt, Ethan L. Miller
Proceedings of the 2004 ACM/IEEE Conference on Supercomputing (SC ’04)
November 2004

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