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March 18, 2021

v15.2.10 Octopus released

This is the 10th backport release in the Octopus series. We recommend users to update to this release.

Notable Changes

  • The containers include an updated tcmalloc that avoids crashes seen on 15.2.9 (see issue#49618 for details.
  • RADOS: BlueStore handling of huge(>4GB) writes from RocksDB to BlueFS has been fixed.
  • When upgrading from a previous cephadm release, systemctl may hang when trying to start or restart the monitoring containers. (This is caused by a change in the systemd unit to use type=forking.) After the upgrade, please run:

  • ceph orch redeploy nfs
    ceph orch redeploy iscsi
    ceph orch redeploy node-exporter
    ceph orch redeploy prometheus
    ceph orch redeploy grafana
    ceph orch redeploy alertmanager


  • .github: add workflow for adding label and milestone (pr#39890, Kefu Chai, Ernesto Puerta)

  • ceph-volume: Fix usage of is_lv (pr#39220, Michał Nasiadka)

  • ceph-volume: Update (pr#39469, shenjiatong)

  • ceph-volume: add some flexibility to bytes_to_extents (pr#39271, Jan Fajerski)

  • ceph-volume: pass –filter-for-batch from drive-group subcommand (pr#39523, Jan Fajerski)

  • cephadm: Delete the unnecessary error line in open_ports (pr#39633, Donggyu Park)

  • cephadm: fix ‘inspect’ and ‘pull’ (pr#39715, Sage Weil)

  • cephfs: pybind/ceph_volume_client: Update the ‘volumes’ key to ‘subvolumes’ in auth-metadata file (pr#39906, Kotresh HR)

  • cmake: boost>=1.74 adds BOOST_ASIO_USE_TS_EXECUTOR_AS_DEFAULT to radosgw (pr#39885, Casey Bodley)

  • librbd: allow disabling journaling for snapshot based mirroring image (pr#39864, Mykola Golub)

  • librbd: correct incremental deep-copy object-map inconsistencies (pr#39577, Mykola Golub, Jason Dillaman)

  • librbd: don’t log error if get mirror status fails due to mirroring disabled (pr#39862, Mykola Golub)

  • librbd: use on-disk image name when storing mirror snapshot state (pr#39866, Mykola Golub)

  • mgr/dashboard/monitoring: upgrade Grafana version due to CVE-2020-13379 (pr#39306, Alfonso Martínez)

  • mgr/dashboard: CLI commands: read passwords from file (pr#39436, Ernesto Puerta, Alfonso Martínez, Juan Miguel Olmo Martínez)

  • mgr/dashboard: Fix for incorrect validation in rgw user form (pr#39027, Nizamudeen A)

  • mgr/dashboard: Fix missing root path of each session for CephFS (pr#39868, Yongseok Oh)

  • mgr/dashboard: Monitoring alert badge includes suppressed alerts (pr#39512, Aashish Sharma)

  • mgr/dashboard: add ssl verify option for prometheus and alert manager (pr#39872, Jean “henyxia” Wasilewski)

  • mgr/dashboard: avoid using document.write() (pr#39527, Avan Thakkar)

  • mgr/dashboard: delete EOF when reading passwords from file (pr#40155, Alfonso Martínez)

  • mgr/dashboard: fix MTU Mismatch alert (pr#39854, Aashish Sharma)

  • mgr/dashboard: fix issues related with PyJWT versions >=2.0.0 (pr#39836, Alfonso Martínez)

  • mgr/dashboard: fix tooltip for Provisioned/Total Provisioned fields (pr#39645, Avan Thakkar)

  • mgr/dashboard: prometheus alerting: add some leeway for package drops and errors (pr#39507, Patrick Seidensal)

  • mgr/dashboard: report mgr fsid (pr#39852, Ernesto Puerta)

  • mgr/dashboard: set security headers (pr#39627, Avan Thakkar)

  • mgr/dashboard: trigger alert if some nodes have a MTU different than the median value (pr#39103, Aashish Sharma)

  • mgr/dashboard:minimize console log traces of Ceph backend API tests (pr#39545, Aashish Sharma)

  • mgr/rbd_support: create mirror snapshots asynchronously (pr#39376, Mykola Golub, Kefu Chai)

  • mgr/rbd_support: mirror snapshot schedule should skip non-primary images (pr#39863, Mykola Golub)

  • mgr/volume: subvolume auth_id management and few bug fixes (pr#39390, Rishabh Dave, Patrick Donnelly, Kotresh HR, Ramana Raja)

  • mgr/zabbix: format ceph.[{#POOL},percent_used as float (pr#39235, Kefu Chai)

  • os/bluestore: Add option to check BlueFS reads (pr#39754, Adam Kupczyk)

  • os/bluestore: fix huge reads/writes at BlueFS (pr#39701, Jianpeng Ma, Igor Fedotov)

  • os/bluestore: introduce bluestore_rocksdb_options_annex config parame… (pr#39325, Igor Fedotov)

  • qa/suites/rados/dashboard: whitelist TELEMETRY_CHANGED (pr#39704, Sage Weil)

  • qa/suites/upgrade: s/whitelist/ignorelist for octopus specific tests (pr#40074, Deepika Upadhyay)

  • qa: use normal build for valgrind (pr#39583, Sage Weil)

  • rbd-mirror: reset update_status_task pointer in timer thread (pr#39867, Mykola Golub)

  • rgw: fix trailing null in object names of multipart reuploads (pr#39277, Casey Bodley)

  • rgw: radosgw-admin: clarify error when email address already in use (pr#39662, Matthew Vernon)

  • whitelist -> ignorelist for qa/\* only (pr#39534, Neha Ojha, Sage Weil)

  • qa/tests: fixed branch entry (pr#39819, Yuri Weinstein)