Ceph is an open source project; built through the efforts of its dedicated, passionate community. If you find Ceph useful, the best way to say thanks is to contribute back. There are a few things you can do to pitch in.

Community Calendar

You can also open this calendar in a new tab, or add calendar ID to your Google calendar.

Google Summer of Code

Are you a university student (undergrad or graduate) who would like to get involved in the world of Ceph Development? Each Year the Ceph project applies to participate in the Go program.

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Ceph Developer Monthly (CDM)

Every month the Ceph developer community gets together for a virtual call. These calls serve to discuss proposed work and ensure that all tasks have a blueprint, and an owner so that the features can be delivered in time for release.

Any developer working on features, bug fixes, integrations, or other Ceph-related work should feel free to add a line to the next CDM agenda to ensure they get time to discuss their plans with Sage, the CTLs, and the community-at-large.

Ceph Developer Monthly

Help With Documentation

Not a coder? If you’d rather write prose than code, we can use your help in making the Ceph documentation more thorough. Our documentation is always growing and changing, and there are lots of spots that need additional detail. Heck, there may even still be entire sections that need to be written!

The documentation lives inside the /doc directory of the main Ceph repository. It’s written in reStructuredText, an easy-to-write text format.

For more information, read the documentation pages on the Sphinx documentation tool and Building Ceph Documentation.

We host a monthly DocuBetter meeting focused on Ceph’s upstream documentation work.

Google Season of Docs

Are you a university student (undergrad or graduate) who would like to get involved in the world of Ceph Documentation? Each Year the Ceph project applies to participate in the Google Season of Docs program.

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Submit Issues

Are you having problems building or running Ceph in your environment? Every user has a unique storage architecture and workload, so it’s possible you’ve found a bug that nobody else is experiencing.

You can search through our issue list to make sure you’ve found something new. If it is, share it with the community by creating a new issue and including as much detail as you can.

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Donate Engineering

Do you work for a company that’s deploying Ceph? Dedicating engineering resources to Ceph is the best way to ensure the ongoing evolution of Ceph. Drop a note to the mailing list and tell us what you’d like to accomplish; we’d be glad to hear from you.

Join Engineering Standups

Every week each of the component teams within the Ceph platform (CephFS, RGW, RBD, RADOS, etc) has a stand up meeting to discuss progress, status, and new development tasks. Once you have proven yourself as an active contributor to one (or more) of these components you can ask to join the weekly stand up and become more of a core contributor. In order to take this step you should have done the following:

  1. Had a pull request approved
  2. Served as a blueprint owner during a development cycle.
  3. Spoken with a Core Team Member about becoming more involved in the development process


The Ceph community is always interested in seeing how people are using Ceph. Whether this is a simple blog entry about what you’ve been doing or a more formalized Use Case, we would love to feature it on

If you already have a place where you are recording your experiences we would love to include it on our Ceph Planet page for aggregation. All we need is an RSS feed for a Ceph-specific tag.

Drop us a line to get started.