The Ceph Community

Ceph was made possible by a global community of passionate storage engineers, researchers, and users. This community works hard to continue the Open Source ideals that the project was founded upon, and provide a number of ways for new and experienced users to get involved. Check out some of the things that are happening in the Ceph community and join us.

  1. Ceph Days
  2. Cephalocon / Other Events
  3. Governance
  4. Ceph Tech Talks / Ceph Developer Monthly (CDM)
  5. Performance Work

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The Ceph community is growing rapidly, and continues to be a great source of assistance to new and experienced users alike. If you have questions check out some of the ways that you can contact the community to make use of the massive amount of accumulated knowledge.

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Ceph Days

Join the expert Ceph team, Ceph’s customers and partners, and the Ceph community as we discuss how Ceph, the massively scalable, open source, software-defined storage system, can radically improve the economics and management of data storage for your enterprise.

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Cephalocon aims to bring together technologists and adopters from across the globe to showcase Ceph’s history and its future, demonstrate real-world applications, and highlight vendor solutions.



The Ceph Open Source project is governed by a group of individuals and organizations that are making large commitments and long-term strategic bets on Ceph. Announced in December 2018, this initiative serves to increase contributions and streamline participation through the leadership, mentoring, and assistance of our board members.

Current Board

Mike Perez Red Hat Community Manager
Sage Weil Red Hat Architect
Anjaneya Chagam Intel Premier
Al Sene Digital Ocean Premier
Christian Reis Canonical Premier
Tomasz Kuzemko OVH Premier
Sunny Siu ProphetStor Premier
Phil Straw SoftIron Premier
Lars Marowsky-Bree SUSE Premier
Jorge Capello Western Digital Premier
Haomai Wang XSKY Premier
Xie Xingguo ZTE Premier
Paul Emmerich croit General
Jorge Capello Western Digital Premier
Daniel van der Ster CERN Associate

Ceph Developer Monthly (CDM)

Every month, Ceph developers gather online to discuss the current work related to Ceph. If you are interested in what work is being done, have work you are hoping to commit, or would like to get more involved in the development of Ceph, please join us for our next meeting. These meetings alternate each month between a US/EMEA-friendly time and an APAC-friendly time, in order to accommodate all of our global Ceph developers. We look forward to seeing you!

Ceph Developer Monthly

Performance Work

There is a continual effort around performance profiling and improvement for all things Ceph-related. Take a look at the performance page for:

  • Information on the weekly performance call
  • Recordings from past performance calls
  • Performance documents and resources
  • Current performance pull requests
  • Performance etherpad
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