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  • July 16, 2014
    Inktank Ceph Enterprise 1.2 arrives with erasure coding and cache-tiering

    Today, we’re proud to announce the availability of Red Hat’s Inktank Ceph Enterprise 1.2, a solution based on the Firefly release from the Ceph community. This latest version brings some major new features to enterprises – ones we believe will both further cement Ceph’s position as a leading storage solution for OpenStack infrastructure while promoting […]

  • February 4, 2014
    New Inktank Ceph Enterprise Release: Deeper Red Hat Integration and More!

    Last fall, when we launched Inktank Ceph Enterprise, our flagship product, our goal was to shake up the storage industry by bringing the flexibility and power of open source to enterprises who understand that existing storage solutions won’t scale much longer. Since launch, we’ve seen incredible demand and adoption from Fortune 500 companies who appreciate […]

  • October 30, 2013
    Inktank Ceph Enterprise: time for change in the storage market

    In April 2012, Inktank was launched to transform the storage industry by driving the widespread adoption of Ceph. We wanted to bring the benefits of open source to an industry that had long held out against its disruptive effects and to help companies handle the explosion in data with a radical new way of storing […]