For real-time chat, the Ceph community gathers in the #ceph channel of the Open and Free Technology Community (OFTC) IRC network.

Created in 1988, Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a relay-based, real-time chat protocol. It is mainly designed for group (many-to-many) communication in discussion forums called channels, but also allows one-to-one communication via private message. On IRC you can talk to many other members using Ceph, on topics ranging from idle chit-chat to support questions. Though a channel might have many people in it at any one time, they might not always be at their keyboard; so if no-one responds, just wait around and someone will hopefully answer soon enough.


If you intend to use the IRC service on a continued basis, you are advised to register an account. That will give you a unique IRC identity, and will also allow you to access channels where unregistered users have been locked out for technical reasons.


To connect to the OFTC IRC network, download an IRC client and configure it to connect to Then, join one or more of the channels. Discussions inside #ceph are logged, and archives are available online.

There are four real-time discussion channels for the Ceph community:

  1. #ceph
  2. #ceph-devel
  3. #cephfs
  4. #ceph-dashboard
  5. #ceph-orchestrators
  6. #sepia

Connect your client to:


Ceph developers and users discuss the project regularly on Ceph’s mailing lists. These lists are not restricted to the core development team – if you’re interested in Ceph, you are welcome to join!

Security: for all security notes, concerns, or vulnerabilities, please email (closed list).

The list is for discussion about the development of Ceph, its interoperability with other technology, and the operations of the project itself.  The list is for discussion and patch review for the Linux kernel Ceph client component.

Ceph cluster operators and users should use the ceph-users list to ask questions, share best practices, and help one another.

The ceph-qa list is for QA activities, is for downstream maintainers for Linux distributions to discuss packaging and related issues, and the list is for users of the Sepia Test Lab.

List Description Address Resources
ceph-announce list info | archives subscribe
ceph-users list info | archives subscribe
ceph-devel (general) list info | archives subscribe
ceph-devel (kernel) list info | archives subscribe
ceph-qa list info | archives subscribe
ceph-maintainers list info | archives subscribe
sepia (lab) list info | archives subscribe